Things to note: Natural light is full of Infrared light. This is the same type of light that is used in our sensor to record your swing. Because of this, natural light can cause severe misreads if present while trying to use the unit. Make sure to keep the unit away from all exterior windows, or use heavy blinds to absorb the natural light. 


Overhead lighting, such as office lights, ceiling fans, close to the ceiling lights, recessed lighting, and other lights on the ceilings can also cause misreads to occur with our sensor. Please make sure your sensor is away from all overhead lighting. If at all possible, only use lights that are low to the ground, aimed up at the ceiling, and behind the sensor, (preferably beyond 4 feet).  


  1. Try without lights on 

    • This will check to see if any overhead or nearby lights are causing the issues. 
  2. Try at night with lights on 

    • This will check to see if any natural light is causing the issues. 
  3. Try at night with lights off 

    • This will check to see if any lights are the issue.