You can find the current manual for the P3 Golf Software by clicking here.  You should note that this software has gone End-of-Life and no future updates will be made to it.

The software manual is installed on your computer when the software is installed.   It should create 2 icons on your desktop for the 2 different formats:

  1. PDF Version - which will only work if you have a PDF Reader installed on your computer.    You can download Adobe Reader for free at Adobe's website.
  2. MHT Version - MHT file format is a single page website.  It includes all images within the files.   This will open in your default web browser (even when you are offline).

You should note that these files are installed onto your computer during the installation process.   They will reside in the folder named 

C:\Program Files (x86)\SVTInstall on a 64-Bit Computer or C:\Program Files\SVTInstall on a 32-Bit computer.