We maintain a link to all of our authorized resellers directly on our website.   If you scroll to the bottom, you will find it under Company Info.

When purchasing from an authorized reseller, you should be sure to ask exactly what products are coming from P3 ProSwing.   Many vendors will package our sensor unit with their own screens, computers, etc.   P3 Support can not assist you with those items should you have issues.   P3 is not responsible for any products that do not come directly from us.   So if the reseller sells you something that did not come from P3, you will need to address that issue with them.

You should also note that using 3rd Party accessories with our product does void any warranty.   This would include anything that alters the playing surface or sensor unit of the P3.

If you are unsure of whether P3 has sold a specific product to your reseller, you can contact the Sales Department at P3 and they should be able to assist you.    You can open a support ticket here or view our contact information by clicking here.