Testing for Sensor Pad Power

1. Plug the power supply into a wall outlet that you are sure is working properly and has power.

2. Turn off any lights (the flash you will be looking for is very dim and easy to miss if the lights are on).

3. Look into the triangular shaped opening in the back part of the sensor (you’re watching the Putting Mode indicator LED [red one]).

4. Now plug the power supply into the sensor pad.

5. You should see a very quick flash of the putting mode indicator.  It is not as bright as when in putting mode, instead it is a faint red flash.

6. If you’re in a dark enough environment, you may be able to see that the 3 red LED in that row of sensors will remain very dimly lit.


Another quick method to check for power is to point a digital camera with a LED viewfinder, or a camera phone at the sensor pad.   The 3 trigger emitters (one in each of the trigger openings) will display as bright white on the LED viewfinder.