Your P3ProSwing sensor pad operates on numerous infrared sensor in order to accurately record your swing data and pass it along to the computer. After a period of time, the sensor may become dirty from an accumulation of dust, dirt, and other residues. The rubber cover is made of a porous material and thus needs to be lubricated on a regular basis. At times, some of the lubricant can make its way into the sensor slots and will accumulate dust & dirt and your sensor may begin to miss swings, act intermittently, or record erroneous data.

Before contacting Technical Support to troubleshoot your unit (and/or return it for evaluations and repair) you should clean your unit. 


Things to note: Dust and dirt can get inside of the optical rows and cause misreads due to covering either the emitters or detectors. Dust and dirt must be cleaned out of the optical rows to allow these optics to record the data effectively.  


  • All Sensor Units 

    • A light cleaning of the Sensor Pad should be completed before every use.  

    • When debris is seen in the optical sensor slots, blow away dirt or debris with compressed air. 

    • Additional cleaning of the optical sensors may be required if the swing data is not being recorded or if you see dirt or debris on them. If additional cleaning is required, use only dry cotton swabs to clean each individual light and receptor through the slots in the sensor pad.  

    • Over time, you may expect to observe slight wear to the striking pad. This is normal and is due to the nature of club impacts.  

    • Make sure that the tape on the bottom of your clubs are clean, too. If they are not, rub the reflective strip with a lightly abrasive surface, or clean with rubbing alcohol.

  • Rubber Top Units Only  

    • Do not apply the lubricating fluid directly on the unit. Always apply to the cloth and then spread on the unit. Too much fluid can pool in the sensor slots.

      The lubrication keeps the clubs moving smoothly across the rubber surface. This also protects the rubber surface from damage.

    • The correct application of the enclosed lubricant is essential to prevent damage to the rubber striking pad and to increase the life of the tape applied to your clubs.  

    • If residue or debris builds up on the rubber striking pad, use a wire brush to remove and reapply the enclosed lubricant with the wiping cloth. Be sure not to allow the wire brush to enter the optical sensor slots. 

  • Grass and/or Turf Top Units Only  

    • Remove any grass strands that may fall into the optical slots by blowing them out with compressed air. 

    • Trim any grass strands that become pushed over the optical slots, then blow them out with compressed air.

    • Replace missing/worn grass plugs, as needed (for Generation 1 Grass tops only). For Grass Plug Replacement kits, you can contact the Sales Department at P3ProSwing.


If you are still experiencing issues after cleaning your unit, feel free to contact Technical Support through the above "Submit a ticket" button.