Setup within the ProGolf software is very similar, so the instructions have not been updated to reflect that.  The major difference is that ProGolf software does not require restarts during the process.


The P3ProSwing has the ability to capture launch angle using a USB camera. Sports Vision recommends the Microsoft LifeCam Studio camera, as the software has been configured with its field of view, and with its dimensions. 

The minimum requirements to use the Launch Angle product are as follows:

  • Windows XP or Higher
  • 3 GHz CPU or better (2.0 Ghz Dual/Quad Speed Processor or better)
  • 3 Gb recommended
  • 3-D Graphics Accelerator Card with 256 Mb RAM or more; 512 Mb recommended
  • At least 1 USB 2.0 controller for each USB video camera, 1 firewire 1394 port for each DV camera
  • At least 1 USB 1.1+ port for the required security dongle
  • For Launch Angle, you will also need the supplied USB camera and light and base stand

Setup within the P3 Golf Software:

The first thing you need to do is enable the Launch Angle within the P3ProSwing Swing Analyzer software (be sure your dongle is installed). To enable the Launch Angle product:

 1. Click the Options button.
 2. Click the Video Tab
 3. Change the Dropdown from Launch Angle Video Off to Launch Angle Video On.
 4. If you'd like to use the launch angle as part of the calculation in ball flight, you should check that box. This will give you the most accurate ball flight trajectory and distances.
 5. Click the OK button. You will then be prompted to Exit the P3 Golf software and restart it.
 6. Once you have closed the software, wait 5 seconds prior to restarting the software.
 7. Reopen the P3 Golf software.
 8. Click the Options button.
 9. Click the Video Tab
10. Now let's select the appropriate camera. The Default may work properly, but it is always recommended that you point the software to the exact camera to avoid possible issues. Select the appropriate camera from the dropdown box. (NOTE: There have been indications that using the 'Default' setting rather than choosing the camera will sometimes cause the P3 Golf software to not record the Launch Angle.)

You should also adjust the White level to the maximum and the Contrast to the minimum. So you screen should look like this:

11. Click the OK button. You will then be prompted to Exit the P3ProSwing software and restart it.
12. You will then be prompted to Exit the P3ProSwing software and restart it.
13. Once you have closed the software, wait 5 seconds prior to restarting the software.
14. Reopen the P3ProSwing software.
15. The P3ProSwing software is now ready for Launch Angle use.

Positioning the Camera, stand & flashlight:

The camera should be positioned as outlined in the following image:

The flashlight illuminates the ball and allows the camera to pick up the streak of the ball (which is used for the Launch Angle reading).

You should normally Show Launch Angle Video Window as this will ensure that the ball is aligned properly with the video. When the launch angle video window is shown, it will always be visible, regardless of the video button. The launch angle video will always be the bottom-most video capture window. You will notice that the video feed will have 3 red lines. These red lines will indicate the starting location of the ball. It is important that the middle line is in the middle of the ball, and the top and bottom lines correspond to the top and bottom of the ball. The lines indicate the direction of the ball if it were to travel straight off the tee with a launch angle of 0. Note that if you adjust the actual tee height for the ball, you must also adjust the tee height in the Golf tab of the Options button dialog to ensure that the launch angle capture is aligned properly.

Setup Image (prior to swing): Ball Flight (post impact):

You'll notice that once you have taken your swing that the lines will change to purple and the ball flight will be displayed. Inside of this ball flight pattern, you will notice that areas will display green. This is where the streak of the ball was recorded. The more indication of green that is displayed within this ball flight pattern, the more reliable the data is. If you are not getting a fair amount of green, you may need to change the White level settings within the Logitech QuickCam software as well.

NOTE: The ball flight image above was achieved by going frame-by-frame through the replay. This green fill will not stay on the screen post impact. The only way to view it is to replay the video in slow motion or frame-by-frame.

This also means that having the appropriate tee heights set within the P3ProSwing Swing Analyzer software is crucial to achieving accurate readings.

Logitech Camera Settings (you can find similar settings within the Microsoft LifeCam software):

If you are having issues with accurate readings and/or missed readings for launch angle, you may need to change the white balance within the Logitech QuickCam Software. Below are images of the Logitech software when properly set to achieve the best reliability.