If you have a Sky Caddie SG2, SG2.5 or SG5 and their software is starting up on computer startup, our sensor unit will not display errors but also will not process your swings.

You need to disable the Sky Caddie software from startup to get our unit to work:

  1. On Windows 10
  • Right click on the Windows Clock in the bottom right corner
  • Select 'Start Task Manager
  • Click the 'Startup Task'
  • Disable the Caddie software
  • Restart your computer.
  • On Windows 7 or 8
      • Click the Windows Start button (bottom left corner of the screen
      • In the search box, type 'msconfig'
      • Once the 'System Configuration' window opens, select Startup
      • Uncheck the 'Caddie Software' and click 'Apply' and then 'OK'
      • Restart your computer.

    This happens due to the 2 devices using the same chipset for USB Communications.  The Sky Caddie grabs control of this on startup and thus no devices using the Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART chip will work properly while their program is running.