Your Ball Spin License is a single user license.  Thus, it can only be installed and used on a single computer.  Should you wish to use the ball spin feature on more than one computer, you will need additional licenses.  To move the license from your existing computer to a new computer:

  1. Open the software in the computer you are no longer going to use
  2. Click on 'Options'
  3. Click on 'Game'
  4. Click on 'Ball Spin License'
  5. You'll get the screen below, It will display your License # (write this down).   
  6. Click the 'Unlicense' button
  7. Go to the new computer you want to use and input the License # from step 5 above.   If you do not unlicense it from the old computer, it will not be available for the new computer.   


Remember that you will need internet access on each computer as you execute those steps.   Once deactivated/activated, you will no longer need internet access.

If you need to install on a new computer and do not have access to the old computer, you will need to contact the licensing company at   There may be a fee for their services.