These features are designed for folks to customize their clubs and settings to improve their experience.   Here is a quick breakout:

  • Max Distance - this is only used for Auto-Club Selection.  So input the maximum you hit each club so your club selection works appropriately for you.    I recommend you hit a bunch with each club at the Driving Range within the software to gather this info.
  • Smash Factor - this is your club head speed to ball speed factor.  For instance, if you hit your driver at 100 club head speed and you have the Smash Factor set at 1.44, then your ball speed will be 144 mph.   The higher the Smash Factor, the more ball speed generated and thus more distance.
  • Club Mass - this is the weight of your club head.   This is only available with 'Calculate Smash Factor' is checked.   This, combined with loft angle, is used to calculate the Smash Factor.
  • Loft Angle (degrees) - this is the loft on your club.   Generally speaking, a higher loft will result in a higher launch angle and lesser distance.  This is used if you have 'Calculate Smash Factor' checked.
  • Launch Angle (degrees) - If you are not using a Launch Angle camera, this is the angle at which the ball is launched and used in ball flight calculation.   The higher the launch angle, the higher the ball will go and usually results in a lower carry distance.
  • Max Club Head Speed (MPH) - This setting is used to keep the software physics within reason should it receive erroneous data.
  • Max Spin (RPM) - This setting is used to keep the software physics within reason should it receive erroneous data.
  • Calculate Smash Factor - If checked, this will calculate your Smash Factor based on club mass and loft angle.  Note that the Smash Factor slider will disappear and be replaced with a club mass slider when this box is checked.

So, as you can see the Max Distance is only for automatic club selection.   Calculate Smash Factor is designed to use your club information, however I find it is not very good and probably should not be used.    Instead, I recommend the following:

  1. Go to Practice->select player you want to edit & Driving Range
  2. Select the club you want to work with & edit
  3. Take 10 shots (this will provide you an average
  4. Click Options->Edit Clubs
  5. Make minor adjustments to Smash Factor (increasing will increase your distance, reducing it will decrease your distance).
  6. Click Menu->Clear All Shots
  7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 until you have the distance you want.
  8. Now, if you find you are getting too much bounce & roll with the new setting you should be able to go in and Increase your Launch Angle.   That will reduce the bounce and roll.   It may reduce your distance slightly, but you can then increase Smash Factor a bit more to offset.
  9. Repeat this for each club you need to edit.