Virtual Course Driving Range Fixes:


For some reason the link was not the right file.  It has been corrected and the link is now an installer that can simply be run to install the appropriate Driving Range.

Fixed Putting Green so pin positions will work properly (will be fixed in version 7.022).

Mini map will properly display distance to pins. 

1. The deroggatory comment has been removed for a poor shot.
2. There is now only 1 Tee Box selection as all shots were being taken from the same tee position anyway.
3. Selecting Easy, Default & Hard now changes the targets at all ranges to reflect the selection.

a. Driving Range has 3 different targets active at varying distances depending on this selection.

i. Easy is a 6 Iron Shot - approximately 152 yards

ii. Default is a 5W Shot - approximately 194 yards

iii. Driver is a Driver Shot - approximately 256 yards away

b. Chipping Range has 3 different targets:

i. Easy –20 yards

ii. Default – 32 yards

iii. Hard – 40 yards

c. Putting Range

i. Easy- approximately 12 feet (and flat)

ii. Default- approximately 30 feet (and flat)

iii. Hard – approximately 45 feet (and on the side of a incline)

1/14/2014 : Driving Range – fixed so you can now move the ball around the entire green area. Previously was only allow small movements.