1. Image on projector and/or monitor, but not on both- The process of having both images the same on 2 devices is called 'Cloning'. In order to properly clone 2 devices together they must be connected properly and also have the software know that it is how you want to use them. You will find instructions for cable connection and cloning at https://p3proswing.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/21014-how-do-i-get-the-p3proswing-software-to-show-on-both-my-monitor-and-projector-.
  2. Image on projector is upside-down-Projectors are designed to be able to be used in a number of different orientations. Usually the default setting is for the projector to be used right-side up (i.e. on a table). To fix this problem you need to enter the projector's menu system and change the orientation. Here is the basic layout for the projectors sold by P3ProSwing (Note that these settings may be in a different place on certain models):
  • Press the Menu button
  • Select the Setup option (usually the down arrow button twice)
  • Select the Installation option (usually the right arrow button twice)
  • Select the Orientation option (usually the down arrow button twice)
  • Press the right arrow button once to bring up the options menu
  • Select the Ceiling Front option (usually the down arrow button 3 times)
  • Press the Enter button (to make the selection)
  • You should now see the image is correctly oriented. Press the Menu button again to exit the menu

      3. Red Lamp light is on (even after changing lamp)- You need to change the projector lamp (bulb). Once you do this, you will need to reset the lamp hours. Since you cannot use the projector menu, there is a "quick set" that you can do this with. Simply point the remote at the projector (as you normally would to use the remote) and hold the 'HELP' key down on the remote for 10 seconds. This resets the lamp hours and you should get a projection again.
      4. Clean Filters message- The projector will prompt you to clean the filters for every 100 hours of use. Once you have cleaned the filters (see User Manual), you need to reset the filter hours. To do so enter the projector Menu system. Select Reset and then select Filter hours.
      5. All other projector issues- You will need to contact the manufacturer (NEC) at 800.836.0655 or pjtechsupport@necdisplay.com

- In normal mode the lamp will function for 2000 hours. If you change to 'Eco Mode' it will dim the image slightly but you will get 3000 hours from the lamp
- Since the lamp life is determined by hours of use, if you do not plan to use the projector for a short period it would be recommended to turn the projector off
- For projector manuals you can go to:  http://support.p3proswing.com/support/solutions/articles/24134-projector-manuals